Venomous Snake Bite Stories: Horrors You Would Not Want to Experience

Getting bitten by a snake is a horrific experience that no one would wish for! The people involved in the stories briefly mentioned below, however, have been unlucky! Fate was definitely not on their side when they were confronted with an unfortunate situation, which you surely would not want to experience yourself!

A Garden Full Snakes

Some gardens are full of flowers. For a man from Kirkby on Bain, a small village in England, his garden was full of snakes. To be exact, he found 15 snakes and dozens of eggs. One snake bit him in the hand, leaving two marks. According to the man’s description, his hand felt like it was on fire until he was given medical attention. It is recommended that you use the best snake repellents in the garden to avoid venomous snake bite stories like such.

Danger from a Decapitated Head

A couple from Texas was cleaning the garden for a cookout when a rattlesnake has been discovered. The man used a shovel to ram the snake. The head was cut off in an instant. After about ten minutes, when the man is about to clean the snake’s body, the snake’s head bit him, even if it was already detached from the body. The victim suffered from a septic shock and a medically-induced coma. 26 doses of antivenom have been given while being on a ventilator and the organs were failing. The man also went through dialysis.

Hiking Trip Gone Wrong

A hike is an exciting outdoor activity but can also be dangerous, especially with the risk of snake encounters. This is exactly what happened to a woman who was hiking between Los Angeles and Santa Monica Mountains. She was bitten by a rattlesnake, which instantly gave her jelly-like legs and blurry vision. Luckily, someone saw her and was taken to a hospital, which was just six miles away. She was administered 116 vials of antivenom! For reference, most people were given only 3 to 6 vials!

Trying to Shut a Cobra

A man from India found a cobra freezing in the cold. He grabbed the snake and tried to stitch the mouth using his hand. Unfortunately, his grip was not that strong. The man lost control of the cobra and it did not take long before it bit him on the hand. On the way to the hospital, he died because of the snake’s venom. This is a classic story of how you should not try to harm and disturb a snake as the repercussion will be serious when karma strikes!