Top 4 hot tub sanitizers

The spa is always an awesome experience. In any case, foul-smelling a d dirty water may ruin your spa experience and may likewise prompt illness. Thus the job of a decent hot tub sanitizer is imperative.
Here are the 4 top BEST HOT TUB SANITIZERS
which are all set to deliver sparkling Spa experience to the users.


#1 Zodiac W20750 Nature2 SPA Stick Mineral Sanitizer


  • Eco-accommodating sanitizer to keep your hot tub microorganisms free.
  • Works well with chlorine.
  • Helps in reducing chemical uses.
  • Clean the hot tub water rapidly and proficiently.
  • Very easy to utilize.


  • The stick may go to pieces because of excessive pressure.

It is one of the far reaching answers for spa purification. This mineral sanitizer is incredible to use for both the long and short term. With no health hazards, this sanitizer is selling in the market throughout the past few years and has not gotten any much negative input up until now. This sanitizer is likewise respected for its quick demonstration of cleaning your spa water.

#2 Jacuzzi ProClear Mineral Spa Sanitizer


  • Easy to use as only one drop in the filter works phenomenally.
  • Not much support required.
  • Helps in turning the water clearer just as softer.
  • Optimum mineral levels are guaranteed with CRT innovation.
  • Does not leave any stains.
  • Fits superbly to the current filtration system.


  • Does not function admirably with a wide range of Spa models.
  • Specific instructions need to be followed if you want it to work properly.

This is one of the proficient sanitizers that works well for the spa up to 500 gallons. This sanitizer functions admirably with a wide range of spa flow rates. It guarantees a reliable pH balance and enhances the vibe of your spa water by keeping it milder and sparkling. It can keep your hot tub water cleaner than using just the chlorine alone.

#3 LEISURE TIME 23434 Spa Mineral Purifier


  • Budget-accommodating cost.
  • Easy to install.
  • It comes with hassle-free maintenance.
  • Spa tub with a water limit up to 600 gallons can be taken care of adequately.


  • Compared to different sanitizers in the category, it isn’t that effective.
  • Due to the presence of copper metal, the mineral stick turns green.

With no chlorine or bromine utilization, you can clean your spa proficiently with this sanitizer. With no much support required for as long as 4 months, it keeps your spa microscopic organisms free and proficiently fits any kind of spa. It is powerful with the non-chlorine shocks and counteracts green algae in your hot tub.

#4 Caldera Spas Monarch Mineral Spa Sanitizer 72358


  • Sanitizes the bath utilizing the silver ions.
  • Keeps your hot tub chlorine and bromine free.
  • Priced reasonably.
  • Very basic and simple to purify your hot tub with this sanitizer.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Not as compelling as bromine or chlorine combined sanitizer is viable.
  • Only steady utilization of this sanitizer produces the results.

To kill the microscopic organisms of your hot tub, it utilizes positive Silver ion innovation. It proficiently keeps your spa water free from any use of harsh substance. It is valuable for individuals who have delicate skin. This sanitizer has been evaluated appropriately to consider your budget preferences.

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