How to tell that you answered your own prayer request for a man and that he is not serious and you should start praying over again this time for a man from God and not Telemundo.

The toilet is the most important room of the house. Don’t rush to watch his big screen Tv (which probably he bought on credit and is still paying) ,Focus on the toilet. When you walk into the toilet and you find newspaper instead of a tissue, my sister chineke abeg you r in trouble.
2) His Bedroom
Traces of boxers thrown on the ground, ka t-shirt pa mbali one shoe there the other pa door entrance all those denote disorganization in a man’s mind! Also dirty sheets and blankets and if he uses chitenje or bed sheet to cover the window instead of a curtain leave the fool alone!
3) Kitchen
Honestly some dudes amaze me! He last cooked eggs three days ago but you find egg shells all over? Why? the pot still has nsima in it which is even turning green with fungai and the cooking stick is hard like it’s about to be thrown. Again check his fridge if you just find a half cabbage and water my sister suffering and hardships await you. Avoid guys with tuma two plate cookers which have been over repaired and is insulated with shoprite yellow plastics..that you are even afraid to cook for him .
4) personal hygiene
Like it or not you will sleep with him when married you will kiss him and make love to him. Pick the best. Avoid Guys who don’t brush smell those that keep lots of moustache and hair under the armpits, you wana be as comfortable with him as possible! Introduce him to roll on and deodorant. Sure guys these things are cheap, Avoid guys who sniff boxers to see if it can be worn again. It’s not just a matter of having a handsome face or ama six pack like a crankshaft, take care of your home yourselves and your financial and social lives.
To conclude ladies avoid men who try to be too nice and sweet. Often Times the abusers are the seemly sweet guys. Also avoid men who suffer from leprosy, those with short hands, i know he isn’t your father but you deserve to be taken Care and spoiled alittle. I Almost forgot, avoid men with tempers we don’t want to watch you pa MBC TV wife killed from heavy blows from drunken hubby!!!’
‪#‎Ndili‬ mu sceptic tank)#