Good Morning to all you great FB friends and family

325i BMWGood Morning to all you great FB friends and family. I just got home from work 45 minutes ago and what a night. One of the employees who took an order, gave wrong address info and one of the address took me to a field and I got the correct information and was to a business and made a nice tip. They were surprised to see me pull up in a sports car delivering pizza. Oh well. I use to deliver pizza in a 325i BMW for pizza hug in the early 90s.
after that ordeal, I had a triple delivery to take and the first deliver of the triple was a bad order, the second one was good. After doing that transaction, I went back to my car, guess what, I have a dead battery now. A co worker helped me out, God bless his soul. He was very helpful and gave me a ride home as well. I need to give him some gas money for his trouble because he had to go out of his way from one of his deliveries to pick me up and then go to his and then after work, take me to my car to get some stuff out of my car and drive me home.
Now the topper, I have a roommate that is a piece of shit. He had his car and his pick up truck towed and I had to drive him to get both vehicles on two occasions and and when I asked for help, he said I disturbed him of his sleep like he woke me up on both occasions, pick him up where he works at, drive him to the impound, drive to the house and take him back to work. I will never do anything for him again.
Sorry if I am venting, but I am pissed off and it’s been a bad night all the way around. also on one of my deliveries, I was threatened by drug addicts that they were going to beat the shit out of me as well.