7 Cheap Indoor Grow Kits: Best Indoor Grow Kits for Marijuana 2021

If you have ever learned about setting up your own grow room at home, you will know that there are a lot of equipment and tools you have to buy. The smart, high technology, automatic grow boxes on the market are usually very expensive with the cost up to thousand dollars.

So, what is the solution for home growers who want to build a low budget grow room but don’t have much experience in choosing the right grow equipment separately? Fortunately, I put this list together about cheap indoor grow kits, which are uncomplicated but still includes all the tools and technical equipment to helps you successfully grow your plants at home.

Top 10 Cheap Indoor Grow Kits for Marijuana 2021

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#1 Hongruilite 2-in-1 Grow Tent Room

The Hongruilite grow tent kits comes in a variety of sizes, this tent kit is ideal for growers who looking for a low-cost grow tent with small footprint that can fit any tight space indoor. Aside from the grow tent, this kit also includes a removable water-proof floor tray, grow light hangers, digital thermometer hygrometer, bonsai shears, timer, trellis netting.

Hongruilite grow tent kits is one of the cheapest tent kit available, with numerous equipment included, but the downside is that you will have to buy grow light separately. It’s constructed of waterproof mylar cover that is 96% reflective. It has heavy duty zippers and quality stitching for quick access and eliminates the possibility of light leaking.
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#2 TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit

TopoGrow Tent is more expensive than the Hongruilite grow tent, but it features 300w LED lights. What I love the most about these LEDs is that they can be adjusted. Besides, you also can adjust the height of the LEDs depends on your plant’s growth stage. The tent is constructed of 97% reflective and waterproof Mylar fabric inside and 600D oxford maylar outside for extended lifespan and durability. It also has ventilators with screen mesh that allow numerous fans and vents to be installed at the same time. These enable for optimum air flow, clear environment and a smooth rotation of the system.
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#3 TopoLite Grow Tent Setup Complete Kit

The Topolite grow tent comes in two sizes are 24” x 24” x 48” and 32” x 32” x 63”, choose the one that best matches your space. With this grow tent kit, you also won’t need to buy extra lighting for your indoor room. The 300W grow LED light in this tent is user friendly and full spectrums design. The full spectrum lighting system guarantees that your plants will grow healthy and is effective for growing marijuana.

It’s one of the simplest grow kits to use,tIt features a light timer, which will control the lights and  eliminates the trouble of continually turning the LEDs on and off. Carbon filters are also included in the package. These filters effectively absorb carbon, allowing you to enjoy an odor-free indoor garden.
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#4 The Bud Grower | Hydroponic Growing System

This may not the cheapest option, but if you are really serious about growing plants indoor, you should purchase on a reliable grow tent like this one from The Bud Grower. It absolutely worth the price as it includes all you need to get start with your work, these is nothing you have to buy more.

Additionally, this tent also ideal for growers who wants to cultivate a large number of plants at the same time with the dimensions of 24″ x 24″ x 60″. It has a long-lasting HPS grow light that ensures your plants get enough light spectrum and proper heat they need. It will help to create the perfect environment for healthy plant grow.

The exhaust fans are quite efficient since they allow you to adjust the fan speed. In this lit, you will receive a grow tents, plant soil, grow HPS & LED lights, fans & carbon filters, heat & humidity monitor, electronic timer, and some other supplements.
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#5 Supergrower Grow Tent Kit

Supergrower Grow Tent is available in 2 sizes. It will make the suitable environment for your plants to grow indoor with 600W full spectrum Led light, which can cover about 2.5 x 2.5 ft of growing space. This durable grow tent is made from tear proof 600D oxford fabric material, the material helps improve the light effect and prevent light leaking. It also features sturdy steel flame. The ventilation system of the kit includes 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter and inline fan. Aside from these factors, the kit also comes with 2 grow pots, a pH tester, and a bonsai shears.
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#6 HTGSupply Grow Tent Kit

Although HTGSupply Grow Tent Kit comes with a large amount of parts, it is one of the simplest kit to set up, it just takes a few minutes to put together and comes with everything you’ll need. That means you will not need to purchase anything more.

It has enough space to accommodate up to six plants. It features a hygrometer and a thermometer so you can easier control how much heat you’re generating and when you should water your plants. The special feature of this kit is Roots Organics Soil Bags it is includes, you do not need to adjust the pH level if you use this soil. This is all-in-one kit but very affordable.

#7 BloomGrow 300W Full Spectrum UFO LED Light

The BloomGrow 300W LED Complete Kit is another full spectrum design that makes it perfect for plant at any grow stage, especially for growing marijuana plants. The tent is made of water-resistant, 96% reflective diamond Mylar material, which increased the lighting effect inside the tent. The outer layer of the tent is 600D high-reflective Diamond Mylar.

Its high-efficiency ventilation system of the kit includes Pre-filter, Coal Based activated carbon, inline fan. Additionally, the kit also features a digital hygrometer, rope hangers, shears, trellis netting, 24 hour timer.

7 Cheap Indoor Grow Kits: Best Indoor Grow Kits for Marijuana 2021
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