Canister Filters VS Hang on back filter: Which is better for 50-55 gallons tank?

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When it comes to maintaining your fish tank conditions, canister filters and hang on back filter are two of the most common types of filter, especially for medium tank sixe as 50-55 gallons. If you are just transfer to this size of aquarium, you may get confuse between these two filters.

Bigger tank that houses more fishes, you would have more responsibilities to maintain the water quality. Due to my experience, I would like to recommend you to use Canister filter as best filter for 50-55 gallon aquarium. Here are the reasons that why canister filters superior to HOB filters:

#1 Canister filter have larger biomedia capacity

The biggest benefit of canister filter is that it can be able to contain much more biomedia than HOB filter. You can fit so much more biomedia into a canister filter.

The canister filter equipped with big trays that allow you to fill with different kinds of filter media as you want. Generally, you can easily get 10 times filter media into a canister filter than a HOB filter. It even can be more in compare with hang-on-the-backs units that rely on cartridges.

#2 Higher flow

One more advantage of canister filters is that they allow you to adjust and greatly increase the flow in your tank. You can place the intake hose at one end of the tank and then the outflow can be placed at the other end. This creates a current that runs from one end of the tank to the other.

While the HOB filters are designed with the intake and outflow are within inches of each other. This can make the dead sports in the tank and also the good place for the growth of unexpected bacteria.  Definitely, a canister filter is so much better for water flow, especially on a long tank like a 55 gallon.

#3 Gallon per hour

GPH is the amount of water that a filter pump can move in a single hour. Canister filter offer higher GPH than a HOB filter, this is due to motors are much bigger than hang-on-the-backs and have a lot more power.

Generally speaking, it’s recommended that the filter should have a GPH that can handle at least four times the capacity of your tank. That means if you have 55 gallon tank, it should be at least 220 GLP your filter is. However, higher GPH is always better for filtration process.


Get To Know About Reptile Temperature Controller

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We all know that reptiles rely on external heat sources to regulate their body temperature. But even when you are using the meat mat of heat bulbs for your reptiles, there is some reason can alter the temperatures inside the tank.

Do not receive an adequate amount of heat that can make your reptiles lea active, slow down the digestion and immune system of your pets.

Besides, overheating can cause the dead is possible for reptiles. In order to reduce your worry about their health, you should get the reptile temperature controller.

What is reptile temperature controller?

Reptile temperature controller or have been known as a reptile thermostat is the device that connected with the heat source and allows you to control the temperature.

The best reptile thermostat has a sensor placed in the tank. It senses the temperature and turns the heating equipment on or off automatically.  All you need to do is set up the desired temperature on the thermostat.

When the sensor detects that the temperature in the tank reach or goes over the ideal temperature, the thermostat will turn off or decreases the heater power. It will work counter when the temperature drops down.

Different types of reptile temperature controller

On/Off thermostats

This thermostat is most simple in design and also the cheapest type. As the name suggests, it is a control thermometer by turn on and turns off the heater.

When the temperatures have been reached to the levels that you set up, the power to supply the heater will be cut. And once the temperatures go down, the power supply of heater is turn on again

Dimmer thermostats

This device much more expensive than on/off thermostat but it can use for every type of heater. Once temperature reaches the specified level, less power will be used and the heater will produce less heat.

If the temperature drops down below the specified level, the thermostat will allow the heater to use more amount of power so more heat will be produced.

Pulse thermostats

This device is designed for only the heaters that do not emit light such as a ceramic heater.


Crested gecko what do they eat?

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Crested geckos become more and more popular reptiles today since their characters and features. Feeding crested geckos seems to be an easy task because, in captivity, they just need to eat premix powder foods to live a long and happy life.

But if you want them to exercise their hunting instinct, provide them mental enrichment, so live food and insects are indispensable parts in their diet. And feeding live foods for crested gecko is no longer as easy as their commercial diet. You have to know crested gecko what do they eat, and how much should they eat.

What insect can crested gecko eat?

Locust, Crickets, Snails, Bluebottles, Stick insects, Dubia, Turkistan, Discoid roaches are some insects that you can feed your geckos. Furthermore, there are some types of worms that crested geckos can eat such as silkworm, butter worms, calcium worms, wax-worms.

Whatever insects you feed crested geckos, there is one rule that you should remember that do not feed them any things bigger than the distance between their eyes. If you do not observe the rule, it can cause the risk of choking hazards because this distance is roughly the width of the gecko’s throat.

What fruits can crested gecko eat?

In the wild, crested geckos prefer to eat overripe fruits. The frequency you should offer fruits for them depends on the type of fruit but basically, you can provide fruits for them as a treat for a few times per month. Some fruits that crested geckos can eat such as mango, pear, grape, strawberry, peach, watermelon, blueberry, fig, banana, etc.

Instead of cutting the fruit into small pieces and feed them, you also can mash the fruits up or make a mixture of some different types of fruits.

Note: You should provide to crested gecko the idea environment with the best reptile humidifiers or temperature to help them eat better.

How frequency should you feed your crested gecko?

For under 6 months old crested gecko, you should offer them premix powder food every day and do not to replace it, should not feed them the food of the previous day. Providing live food once a week.

Adult crested geckos do not need to be fed every day. Instead, you can feed them three or four times per week, many keepers recommend this. And they can eat live food once per week.


What is the best automatic chicken door?

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If you are a chicken owner and keep your chickens in a traditional chicken coop, then I am sure that opening the chicken coop door is your regular activity every day. Besides this work, you have to wait for them to walk out the coop into the run space and then back into the coop again.

This may get you a lot of inconveniences and interrupt your times. In this case, investing in the best automatic chicken door would be a savvy decision. This device will automatically open your coop at an exact time. It can also come with an integrated light sensor for open and close the door in the day and night.

Various manufactories provide fully different types of automatic chicken doors. Almost automatic chicken doors provide three main options of power source are batteries, electric and solar-powered:

–         As long as you have electricity, you always will be able to use the best chicken coop door opener. But there is a down point that you can only use it if your coop is near the grid. One more thing is when there is a power outage, you have to close and open the coop door in the traditional way.

–         A solar power chicken door seems to be a great idea if you want to use something environmentally friendly and when you are not accessible to the grid. But the drawback is this device can be costly and may not work effectively in cloudy weather.

–         A battery power option is highly recommended for you. Batteries can work well even when there is no electricity.

Whether you choose which option from up here, ensure that the wires are not exposed or your chicken can peck and destroy them.


What to look for in the best fabric glue?

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The best fabric glue is one of the effective tools to make your craft project a lot easier. You can easily fix the pieces to make your seam more perfect, or you can attach many other accessories to your homemade shirt.

The fabric glue is one of the few types of glue that can work well on fabric and can say only this glue can bring good results for your craft project.

However, not everyone can choose the best fabric glue for clothes because there are many types of glue on both the market and the quality. Therefore, you should take some time to consider a number of factors before deciding to buy fabric glue:

#1 Types

Before buying a fabric glue, you should determine your purpose to choose the most suitable type. Determine whether you need a temporary fabric glue or a permanent fabric glue to avoid wasteful mistakes.

The temporary fabric glue helps you temporarily fix the pieces so you can sew them up more easily. It is ideal for beginners with manual work to have a smooth start.

And permanent fabric glue helps you save time when you don’t have to spend too much effort to fix decorative accessories on clothes or link the pieces of fabric together firmly.

#2 Drying time

Drying time of glue is also one of the factors that you should not ignore when choosing glue for clothes. Before the glue dries, you’ll have time to adjust the material.

And you should also choose the glue after drying will not leave unsightly stains on the fabric. Some types after drying will be more opaque and some will leave no traces. Surely you do not want your clothes to be prepared to have any unpleasant traces.

#3 Friendly

You should choose environmentally friendly and safe glue for your users. Many fabric glues smell very unpleasant because it contains a lot of chemicals so it can be harmful if exposed for long periods.


How to choose best soy milk brand for toddlers?

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Babies under 10 months should not drink soy milk yet, instead breast milk or formula is the safest option.

However, when they start to walk (about 1 year old), soymilk is a great choice to naturally add nutrients to them.

Soy milk contains pure nutrients, beneficial for brain development and motor skills of children.

Besides cow’s milk, soy milk is increasingly a popular supplement choice for toddlers.

But do you really know how to choose the best soy milk brand for toddlers?

Here are some considerations that you should consider before choosing a product for your child:

#1 Saccharine

Absolutely do not choose brands of soy milk containing saccharine, this is one of the additives that adversely affect the health of the baby.

Toddlers should only drink whole soy milk, made from cooked soybeans and without any additives.

Brands of whole soy milk usually have a short shelf life because they do not contain added sugar or preservatives.

#2 Phytoestrogen

Whether soy milk contains phytoestrogens to adversely affect toddlers’ health is a matter of debate.

However, many studies show that phytoestrogens have no negative effects on their health.

Phytoestrogens are actually phytoestrogens, which can fight certain hormonal diseases like breast or uterine cancer.

So check to see if the brand of soy milk you are intending to choose contains this substance or not.

#3 Canxi

Different brands of soy milk often have different amounts of calcium. Therefore, you should consult the calcium content of milk in advance to know if it is suitable for your baby.

You can consult your pediatrician about your child’s calcium intake if you are deficient you can supplement it with the amount of calcium in calcium-rich foods.

Some brands of soy milk contain phytates, which can prevent toddlers from absorbing the calcium in milk. So you should carefully examine the substance to see if it is in the product or not.


How to make the best low carb tortillas?

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Tortillas are a few foods that are common all over the world. Tortillas usually made from both corn and wheat flour. They are a thin flatbread, original in Mexico.

Tortillas are not low crab because it includes carbohydrates and some extra ingredients like flavor, vegetable oil and preservatives.

If you have a passion for this traditional bread but most of the tortillas in every marketplace are packed with carbohydrates, and it will destroy your daily low carb.

Don’t worry because there are some alternatives in ingredient that won’t stop your progress of lost weight. It is your time to look for the best low carb tortillas.

You want to buy a Best Commercial Tortilla Press but choose which? Here we take you through our early years.

#1 Portion control

A typical tortilla measuring about 20-25 cm and it is also made with a double layer of cornflour.

The cornflour makes the tortilla more sturdy and filling but also increases calorie and carb.

Find to buy or make for yourself a smaller tortilla (about 15cm) and one layer of flour. You can make tortilla by whole-wheat variety.

#2 Coconut flour

Altering white flour by coconut flour is also the best way to eat low carb tortilla.

Coconut flour provides some benefits to your health. There are many medium-chain triglycerides and very few carbs contained in coconut flour.

Medium-chain triglycerides have the ability to burn fat and allow to using energy immediately.

#3 Almond flour

Although almond flour higher at caloric nature than coconut flour, it contains fewer carbs than coconut.

It is also extremely rich in nutrients such as iron, potassium, vitamin E, calcium, manganese, magnesium. Almond flour contains 65% monounsaturated fat, help to reduce fat in the blood that good for your heart.

#4 Friendly oil

Using friendly oil such as avocado oil or coconut oil is also reduce crab in tortillas to help you enjoy it without any worry.


Guide to Choosing the Best Watch for Hunting

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Outdoor activities often necessitate several tools, including a watch, for an enhanced experience and survival. Watches are survival gear that virtually every hunter should possess. However, not every watch is suitable for hunting missions. Examining your watch carefully can help you determine if has all the features required for survival in harsh conditions. Here are a few things to consider before choosing the best hunting watch.

#1 Durability

A hunting watch should not break easily. For a long-lasting product, durability should be a priority when choosing a hunting or fishing watch. Consider how resistant it is to water, especially if you want to use it for fishing. Some circumstances such as being submerged in water and rain may be unavoidable in an adventure.

#2 Adjustability

Your watch should have a wrist strap that can fit your wrist. Note that a too tight wrist strap can feel uncomfortable while a too loose one can fall off. You can adjust your wrist strap depending on the nature of your watch. So, consider the material used and its adjustability and versatility.

#3 Size and Weight

Of course, everyone wants to wear a watch that feels comfortable. So, it would be wise to consider the weight and size of a watch before purchasing it. You don’t want an additional weight while you are out there with a backpack. At the same time, make sure that your watch has a readable display. You don’t want to exert much effort to read what is displayed on your watch.

#4 Features

A survival watch is not like any other watch. It should have sophisticated features. Take time to examine which features are necessary for hunting or fishing such as temperature gauge and compass. The more features your best watch for hunting and fishing has, the more expensive is likely to be. Also, consider the longevity of the battery of your watch.

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Is It Possible to Use CBD for Cold Symptoms?

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Cannabidiol has been noticed in recent years by a wealth of medically valuable properties. Research can no longer keep up with the many experiences that users of CBD have in their private lives. Somehow that’s understandable. Side effects of cbd pills. CBD is so harmless that users who have a CBD product at home try it on all sorts of ailments, even beyond the purpose for which they bought the CBD. And so, in particular, the CBD oil is gradually becoming an integral part of many medicine pharmacies.

What weakens the immune system?

Stress is one of the factors that put a significant strain on the immune system of modern humans, whether caused by work, family or other things. Anyone who is exposed to excessive stress for long periods, whose body’s defences will sooner or later be affected. Then you become more susceptible to disease because the body is overwhelmed with the tasks of protection. How to use cbd tincture. Even poor or one-sided nutrition weakens the immune system. Artificial substances in foods such as preservatives or flavorings occupy the immune system so that actual pathogens have a more comfortable play to develop and multiply in the body. Outside of food, we also supply the body with substances that negatively affect the immune system. These include, for example, tobacco, alcohol or medicines. Also, lack of exercise, sleep disorders, environmental contaminants or ageing can reduce the performance of the immune system. Especially colds and flu you catch yourself with a not fully efficient immune system more often.

CBD gives a boost to the immune system for fast recovery

It is therefore possible to separate the details relevant to our immune system into two categories. There are things like age or the environment, against which we are a little powerless. Others are subject to our influence, such as lack of exercise or poor nutrition. Remarkably, the CBD may affect factors of both categories. One example is the general stress that we can only partially do against. CBD has a calming, relaxing effect and reduces the stress sensations. Sleep quality can also be improved with CBD. Less stress and more sleep are two excellent conditions to deal with a cold quickly. Inflammatory foci that form, for example, in the throat or nose can also be contained with CBD. With improved general well-being, healing processes can be accelerated. This, in turn, motivates more exercise. At the moment, CBD is used as a lever to start means that will make us recover faster. A combination of CBD oil and CBD hemp flower tea is excellent for getting a feel-good experience and helping the body defence to get started.

One thing is sure: the leaves of the hemp plant were used many years ago for the cure of various diseases. Also, the type of tea that is extracted from the leaves is completely legal and can be purchased freely in almost any store. The tea is obtained from so-called Nutzhanf. This comes mostly from strictly controlled organic farming. There are certain hemp crops in which ensure active breeding of hemp leaves

A positive effect of the special tea

The special tea can vary significantly in taste. In the production of the tea from hemp leaves, it depends entirely on whether this is made purely from the leaves of the plant, or in combination with others. If the hemp plant is very young, even its stems can be used for making tea. However, the fact is that usually the leaves and flowers have a positive effect on the human body. what happens if you bad reaction to weed. The taste of the plant can be described as soothing and aromatic. The effect of the tea is terrific and can in many ways have a positive effect on the health of every person. Among other things, the hemp tea has the following results:

– Fights stress

– Has a positive impact on digestion

– Strengthens the immune system

– Ignites positive feelings

– Has an antispasmodic effect

The preparation of the tea is effortless and uncomplicated. In the first step, of course, water must be brought to a boil. Next, you need a teaspoon of hemp powder, which is obtained from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. The powder is then doused with the boiling water. The tea should draw about five to ten minutes so that it can develop its full effect. The taste is described in most cases as slightly bitter. For this reason, it is recommended to add one teaspoon of sugar. Have fun with the preparation.

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How to Clean Inflatable Objects

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First of all, if you want to do a quick wash before washing it thoroughly, you should remember that the dirty can dry and it will represent much more work for you later, the ideal thing is to do, at least, a previous wash where the muck is rinsed and, therefore, do not allow the stains to dry and stick to the surface. Then, you must eliminate the remains of water to avoid the creation of mold, for this, a useful advice is to make use of a blower, open all the zippers of the inflatable object and let the water flow until it is dry, so you can save it. Remember to make sure when you are going to roll this type of products if it is connected to an electrical device or if it is connected to a hose. Once this process is finished, you can have it ready to wash it deep on another occasion.

It has been found that the easiest way to wash inflatable objects is by doing it while they are inflated. To do this, place a canvas carpet under the object to be washed. For the cleaning of such, water with powder soap and a sponge are quite efficient materials and give a very good result. It’s important to be always aware that the device has not acquired any hole or crack.

In the case of inflatable tubs and inflatable mattresses, these should be cleaned after every occasion in which they are used since they quickly acquire dirt and, as it is in direct contact with your skin, you do not want all these bacteria to move to your body. Their cleaning varies depending on how often they are used. For their maintenance, use a few drops of mild soap or a little soap powder and dissolve it in a bowl of water, then with a cloth moistened with the mixture, clean the surface to remove all the small spots you have found, then leave it air dry.

If you want to reduce odors caused by humidity or dirt, a very useful advice is to use baking soda, you just have to spread a little of it on the surface and leave it for at least 5 minutes and then you can remove it with a vacuum cleaner.

To get rid of the mold, you can use water with a little vinegar or with isopropyl alcohol and spread it on the surface of the mattress or tub with a cloth. Remember to use a cloth or sponge in these cases since a brush can cause perforations due to its pointed bristles. Then simply rinse it and let it air dry.

Finally, to prevent mold and odors, take your inflatable object out and let it rest under the sunlight at least once every one or two months for a full day and store it in a place where it does not have contact with moisture, if possible protect it by covering it with a protective cover. Remember that, also, these types of tubs, despite being very versatile because they can be placed anywhere and can even move, require much more care than normal tubs. Therefore, it is important to pay due attention to the cleaning and maintenance tasks you need to extend their life and prevent them from being harmful to our health.