How to choose best soy milk brand for toddlers?

Babies under 10 months should not drink soy milk yet, instead breast milk or formula is the safest option.

However, when they start to walk (about 1 year old), soymilk is a great choice to naturally add nutrients to them.

Soy milk contains pure nutrients, beneficial for brain development and motor skills of children.

Besides cow’s milk, soy milk is increasingly a popular supplement choice for toddlers.

But do you really know how to choose the best soy milk brand for toddlers?

Here are some considerations that you should consider before choosing a product for your child:

#1 Saccharine

Absolutely do not choose brands of soy milk containing saccharine, this is one of the additives that adversely affect the health of the baby.

Toddlers should only drink whole soy milk, made from cooked soybeans and without any additives.

Brands of whole soy milk usually have a short shelf life because they do not contain added sugar or preservatives.

#2 Phytoestrogen

Whether soy milk contains phytoestrogens to adversely affect toddlers’ health is a matter of debate.

However, many studies show that phytoestrogens have no negative effects on their health.

Phytoestrogens are actually phytoestrogens, which can fight certain hormonal diseases like breast or uterine cancer.

So check to see if the brand of soy milk you are intending to choose contains this substance or not.

#3 Canxi

Different brands of soy milk often have different amounts of calcium. Therefore, you should consult the calcium content of milk in advance to know if it is suitable for your baby.

You can consult your pediatrician about your child’s calcium intake if you are deficient you can supplement it with the amount of calcium in calcium-rich foods.

Some brands of soy milk contain phytates, which can prevent toddlers from absorbing the calcium in milk. So you should carefully examine the substance to see if it is in the product or not.