10 Best Cannabis Organic Nutrients for Soil Growing Method

Different growing method and different growth stages of the plants require specific and complex nutrients, cannabis plant is no exception. The nutrients your weed needs may be found in the soil, but most of the time, the soil you’re using is lacking in certain essential nutrients that your plants require to grow healthy. Finding the ideal balance nutrients in your garden soil is not an easy task for every grower.

The best organic nutrients for soil will supply essential nutrients as well as create an ideal growth environment for your cannabis plants to reach their full potential, optimum yield, resulting in abundant harvest with dense, aromatic and delicious buds.

Top 8 Cannabis Organic Nutrients for Soil 2021

#1 Humboldts Secret Golden Tree: Best Plant Food for Plants

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Humboldts Secret Golden Tree is absolutely one of the best nutrient for cannabis on the market. It is available in various size from 2 to 46 once containers or 2.25 gallons to 5 gallons bottle. The special formula of this cannabis nutrients is containing active enzymes that simulate photosynthesis. This all-purpose soil supplement may help you increase the amount and quality of your yields. It is also 100% organic and it contains special combination of amino acids, carbs, kelp, and essential minerals.

#2 Neptune’s Harvest Organic Hydrolized Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer

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Neptune’s Harvest is an organic fertilizer for both soil and hydroponics system. It comes with the NPK ratio is 2-3-1 NPK. Its main ingredients are North Atlantic fish and seaweed. Most sorts of plants can benefit from this handy liquid concentration, not only cannabis. It is very easy to use as you just need dilute this concentrate in water and water your plant’s root as spray it.

This rich-phosphorus nutrient work best for flowering stage and stimulating deep root development. The downside is that it may get smelly when it is undiluted, but the odor will dissipate quickly after apply.

#3 FoxFarm FX14620 Happy Frog Organic Gardening All Purpose Fertilizer

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This all-purpose organic nutrient from FoxFarm is the combination of fertilizers and active soil microorganisms. It comes with well-balanced NPK ratio: 6-4-5, what make it excellent fertilizer for wide range of plants and all growth stage. It is organic certified by OMRI. Active soil microorganisms in this formula also helps improve better nutrient absorption for your marijuana. The fertilizer enhances the ability of holding water in root systems.

#4 Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer, Wiggle Worm Soil Builder

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Because Wiggle Worm fertilizer is entirely made of screened worm castings and contains no any filler, it is complete organic and make up an excellent soil builder. This fertilizer’s basic components comprise a rich source of minerals and trace elements. The worms break down the ingredients, converting them into a beneficial soil conditioner. The ultimate result enhances the ability of maintain moisture and goof aeration of the soil. It also contains a wide range of beneficial microorganisms that help deep root growth and improve healthy plant health.

#5 Maxicrop Soluble Powder

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The major ingredient of this organic nutrient is pure seaweed extract. Seaweed extracted products have been frequently utilized in many cannabis fertilizers as a growth simulation ingredient. During the flowering stage of cannabis, you will want to find a bud booster, and this Maxicrop Soluble powder is great fertilizer for this task.

With the NPK ratio of 0-0-17, Maxicrop is a rich source of potassium that contains over 70 minerals, micronutrients, amino acids, and vitamins to aid in the production of heavier, dense flowers. This fertilizer is good for all growing method. But it is not recommended to spray it to the buds as it tends to be stick.

#6 Jobe’s Organics 09526 Organic All Purpose Granular Fertilizer

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Jobe’s Organics is a well-known brand of producing organic fertilizer for different type of plants and vegetables. This granular fertilizer from Jobe’s Organics is all-purpose, fast-acting, well balanced produce. Its formula includes feather meal, bone meal, processed poultry manure, and potassium sulfate.

It also contains a variety of helpful archaea, bacteria, and fungus that help to swiftly transport nutrients to your cannabis plants. These microorganisms cooperate with the plant to enhance the soil texture. It has 4-4-4 NPK ratio, it is ideal for all growth cycle. This product may emit an overwhelming odor. So, you should use it for outdoor weed garden and instead of applying this fertilizer directly to the soil, you should mix it with soil to reduce the odor.

#7 Dr. Earth Organic Fertilizer for Soil Bud & Bloom Fertilizer

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Dr. Earth Organic Bud & Bloom fertilizer’s ingredients include: fish bone meal, alfalfa meal, feather meal, soft rock phosphate and mined potassium sulfate, these ingredients are entirely organic and natural that won’t harm your cannabis plants. Beneficial soil microorganisms and Mycorrhizae are also included in its formula. 3-9-4 NPK ratio, higher content of P and K make it excellent option to apply during flowering period of cannabis.

#8 Organic Super Soil Concentrated Strength

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Nature’s Living Soil is 100% organic soil concentration that does not contains NPK and made specifically for marijuana producers. Concentration form is used to mix with soil. It also can be used with other growth medium. It does not take you much effort as you just need to mix it with the soil from initial and watering your cannabis throughout the growth cycle until your massive buds are ready to be harvested.