What to look for in the best fabric glue?

The best fabric glue is one of the effective tools to make your craft project a lot easier. You can easily fix the pieces to make your seam more perfect, or you can attach many other accessories to your homemade shirt.

The fabric glue is one of the few types of glue that can work well on fabric and can say only this glue can bring good results for your craft project.

However, not everyone can choose the best fabric glue for clothes because there are many types of glue on both the market and the quality. Therefore, you should take some time to consider a number of factors before deciding to buy fabric glue:

#1 Types

Before buying a fabric glue, you should determine your purpose to choose the most suitable type. Determine whether you need a temporary fabric glue or a permanent fabric glue to avoid wasteful mistakes.

The temporary fabric glue helps you temporarily fix the pieces so you can sew them up more easily. It is ideal for beginners with manual work to have a smooth start.

And permanent fabric glue helps you save time when you don’t have to spend too much effort to fix decorative accessories on clothes or link the pieces of fabric together firmly.

#2 Drying time

Drying time of glue is also one of the factors that you should not ignore when choosing glue for clothes. Before the glue dries, you’ll have time to adjust the material.

And you should also choose the glue after drying will not leave unsightly stains on the fabric. Some types after drying will be more opaque and some will leave no traces. Surely you do not want your clothes to be prepared to have any unpleasant traces.

#3 Friendly

You should choose environmentally friendly and safe glue for your users. Many fabric glues smell very unpleasant because it contains a lot of chemicals so it can be harmful if exposed for long periods.