What is the most suitable type of heater for turtles?

If you are you planning to keep an aquatic turtle in your aquarium, you have to know that Turtles are cold-blooded animals and they cannot internally regulate their body temperature. This is why the heater is an important addition to your aquarium set up.
With the best aquarium heater for turtle you can easily adjust and efficiently maintain the temperature of the tank. But if you have a quick look at all the types pf aquarium heating options out there you might get overwhelmed. We’ll discuss three types of heaters that can be used and work well in your turtle tank.

#1 Submersible Heaters

This is the most popular heater for every fish keepers, you can easy get the heater models of this type in the pet shop. They usually are stick-shaped and placed entirely beneath the water, usually vertically or horizontally. They include a heating elements that be covered with glass of plastic case and a knob to control the temperature range.
They are the most common type that many people prefer to use for their aquarium is because of their cheap price and availability. Not only that, they are also very efficient and heat up the water very quickly. One more advantage of them is that they can be moved to a variety of places inside the tank.
However, remember to place them far away from the substrate. Also, ensure that your turtles can easy access the heaters or your turtles can break down the heaters and being burned.

#2 External in-filter aquarium heater

If you do not want to place a heater directly inside the tank, then External in-filter aquarium heater is great for you. They seem to be less popular than submersible because they require you to use canister filter. External in-filter aquarium heaters are designed to be placed inside the canister filter and works by heating up the water when the water being cleaned and pull back into the tank.
As it is placed outside the tank, it also reduces the possibility of any accident. Since external heater are not waterproof, they will burn out if they being touched with water. So, after mounting the heater, you have to fill the filter with water and run the pump before turn on the heater.
However, the major drawback is that external in-filter heaters are much more expensive than submersible heaters. The cheap models are usually very poor quality.

#3 Aquarium Substrate Heaters

To install this heater, you place it under your aquarium substrate such as sand, gravel or fluorite. The most attractive feature is that it saves much more space inside your tank than submersible heaters. As it is placed under the substrate, it is not visible.
However, the downside is they are cost much more than submersible heaters but working less effective. It is very inefficient heating method that only should be used for larger tanks with lots of gravel and plants.

#4 What type of heater is my favorite?

Personally, a submersible water heater is probably my best choice. They are produce very accurate readings of water temperature with a reasonable price. You do not need to spend a lot of money to have the effective device.
They are also easy to set-up, clean and being moved to any position you want in the tank. Submersible heaters are available in a large range of wattage power and you can easy get them from any pet shop.