Hi loves. My name is Charmaine Lago, and I am 19 years old. Founded in 2014 by Charmaine Lago. Charmainelago is the 9th most influential blog in Denmark and one of the biggest Instagram names in Denmark. Charmainelago traveling around the world for shoots for companies, meetings and collaboration. Charmainelago shares her passion for fashion, lifestyle and travels. 

I went to Copenhagen Fashion Week 2015/16 and New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week 2016, Stockholm Fashion Week 2016 and London Fashion Week 2016. I have been doing collaborations in Los Angeles, New York and Miami and I work with companies all over the world. 
I am ambassador for Uber, Diamonds Unleashed, Nelly, Joinovernight and I am working with magazines like The Idle Man and Mith Magazine. I have also been working with companies as British Airways and Marriott Hotel.

Love from Charmaine
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