5 Ways to Deal with a Rude Walmart Cashier

It’s happened to all of us. You are in line, minding your own business, ready to check out and BAM! Out of nowhere you are hit with a rude cashier at Walmart. That cashier that thinks that using a coupon means you are stealing from the company. That cashier that thinks price matches come directly out of their paycheck. That cashier that has spent far too long on their feet and just can’t deal with another customer.
What do you do? We know what you WANT to do. Just drop the gloves and give that cashier a piece of your mind! I know that feeling but I also know it’s counter-productive. Fortunately, because of this blog I have become an expert in dealing with rude cashiers. Many times I have had readers contact me with stories about something that happened and I have felt obligated to step in and try to get it resolved. Here’s a helpful list of suggestions so you can handle the situation yourself.

1. Make sure it isn’t you.
I know, nothing justifies a rude cashier. They are being paid to be helpful and courteous and you aren’t but face facts, if you are rude, you are probably going to get rudeness in return. Smile. Be friendly. Remember that if you are using coupons, you represent all couponers. I have heard so many horror stories from the other side, stories of awful couponers, that it makes sense that they would not want to deal with us. Make sure you know what you are doing before you get in line.
2. Call the immediate supervisor
Usually there is a CSM floating around that can solve most issues and most of them want to hear if an associate was rude to you. I have had several instances where problems with a cashier were solved by a CSM, sometimes they will even move me over to an empty cash lane if I have a big order and check me out themselves and deal with the cashier after I leave.
3. Call the store manager
Go to the Walmart website, find your store and call the store manager during normal business hours. Tell them exactly what happened and who was involved. Believe me, they WANT to know. If they have a rude associate, they want to be able to deal with it as quickly as possible. No store manager wants to his employees offending customers and he/she not knowing about it.
4. Call the District Manager
There is no easy way to figure out who they DM is for your district except to ask at the store level for his or her phone number. If you have burned every bridge at your Walmart and don’t want to talk to them, call the next closest Walmart.
5. Call Corporate
Walmart’s customer service number is 800-WALMART or you can email them here. Remember to be concise and precise and know the name of your cashier. It’s never taken me more than a few hours to get a response.
That should do it. I’ve never had a situation that wasn’t resolved as long as I followed the steps. It is also important to say that you should ALWAYS follow these steps with EVERY rude Walmart Associate. That employee needs to know that there are consequences for rudeness and either shape up or ship out.
One other thing that should be talked about is if you have an amazing experience with a Walmart cashier, follow the same steps above to let people know. Trust me, if you spend any amount of time at a Walmart, you want the good cashiers rewarded so they stick around and the bad cashiers weeded out.